Newszine Premium Magazine WordPress Theme Documentation v.1.0

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thank you so much!


Installation via FTP Client Software

  1. Unzip the theme package
  2. Upload unzipped 'newszine' to the '/wp-content/themes/' directory using your favorite FTP client software
  3. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes
  4. Click 'Activate' link below 'newszine' thumbnail
  5. Enjoy!


Installation via WordPress Dashboard

  1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. From your Admin page (Dashboard), use the menu to select Themes -> Add New
  3. Then click on 'Install Themes' at the top
  4. Click the 'Upload' button to open the theme uploader
  5. Upload the ''
  6. Click 'Activate'
  7. Enjoy!


Importing Dummy Content

Dummy content is located in a file called "sample-content-newszine.xml" which is located in the "newszine" theme directory. Below are steps how to install dummy data content:
  1. From the WordPress admin area, go to Tools > Import > WordPress
    Import Dummy Content Step 1

    Importing Dummy Content 1

  2. If you do not have the WordPress importer installed you will be prompted to install the importer, activate plugin and run importer Install WordPress Importer

    Installing WordPress Importer

  3. Then in the "Choose a file from your computer", click Choose file and select sample-content-newszine.xml located in newszine theme directory. Then Upload file and import Import Dummy Content Step 3

    Importing Dummy Content 3

  4. You can create new user with login name or assign posts to an existing user. Give check at "Download and import file attachments. Then click Submit button
    Import Settings Step 4

    Importing Dummy Content 4

Homepage Settings

Step 1:
  • From WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Pages > Add New
  • Enter the page title. Example: Homepage
  • Leave blank the text editor
  • Go to Page Attributes box then under Template dropdown select Homepage 1, Homepage 2 or Homepage 3 or Homepage 4
  • Then click Publish
Homepage Settings

Creating Homepage

Step 2:
  • From WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Settings > Reading
  • Under Front page displays setting, select A static page
  • In Front page dropdown, select the page name you just created in step 1 above
  • Click Save Changes
Homepage Settings 2

Setting up Homepage

Theme Overview

Theme Overview

Theme Overview

  1. Header
  2. Header Overview

    Header Overview

    The header contains:

    1. Primary Navigation Menu
    2. Social Network Icon links
    3. Site's Logo and Site's Title
    4. Advertisement Banner Slot
    5. Secondary Navigation Menu
    6. Ajax Search Form
    7. Breaking news ticker

    1. Primary Menu

    Primary Menu is the main menu that show in top of header. To setup primary menu, follow the steps below:

    • From WordPress Dashboard
    • Go to Appearance > Menus
    • Create a new menu and put your menu name. Then click "Create Menu" button.
    • Enter your menu items.
    • Checked the "Theme Location" checkbox as "Primary Navigation".
    • Click "Save" button.

    Setup Primary Navigation Menu
    Setup Primary Navigation Menu

    2. Social Network Icon links

    To setup the Social Media Icon Links, Follow the steps below:

    • From WordPress Dashboard
    • Go to Theme Options menu
    • Open Layout tab
    • In Header Layout section, Toggle the Social Network Icons on.
    • Then choose the icons that you want to show and set the order by drag the items.
    • Click Save Changes Button

    Setting Social Icons menu
    Setting Social Media Icons Menu

    3. Site's Logo and Site's Title

    The site's logo image is replacement of site title. You can use site's title as logo or a plain text. By default, the site title is display as plain text. but if you want to use site logo as your site title, you have to provide site logo image. We recommended the image size is 180px width and 60px height. To upload your site logo to the theme, follow the steps below::

    • From WordPress Dashboard,
    • Go to Theme Options > General Settings
    • In the Branding section, click "choose file" button, and choose you header image to upload.
    • Click Save Changesbutton

    Site Logo Settings
    Uploading Site's Logo

    4. Advertisement Banner Slot

    To add advertisement banner on click here

    5. Secondary Navigation Menu

    To add the Secondary Navigation Menu, it's the same steps like Primary Navigation Menu, but you need to checklist the Secondary Navigation checkbox.

    6. Ajax Search Form

    Enable Ajax Search Form:

    • From WordPress Dashboard,
    • Go to Theme Options > Layout Settings
    • In the Header Layout section, toggle Ajax Search Form on.
    • Click Save Changesbutton

    Enable Ajax Serach form on menu
    Enable Ajax Search Form

  3. Main Content
  4. The main content of this theme has many various content. If you do the fresh installation and the settings are still default, the homepage will show the latest posts list. You need to create the new homepage from page template that come with the theme then setup the page as frontpage. Click here to see step by step how to setup the page template.

    Footer overview
    Footer section overview

    The Footer Contains:

    1. Footer Widgets
    2. Copyright
    3. Footer Menu

    Footer Widgets

    Footer widgets has 4 widgets area. Each widget is stored sequentially in widget areas: Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3 and Footer 4.

    To displaying widgets in footer section, follow the steps below:

    • From WordPress Dashboard
    • Go to Appearance > Widgets menu
    • Pick a widget instance under Available Widgets box
    • Drag your selected widget to sidebar area (Footer 1 or Footer 2 or Footer 3 or Footer 4)

    Footer Widget Settings
    Footer Widgets Settings


    To change the Copyright text, follow the steps below:

    • From WordPress Dashboard
    • Go to Theme Options menu
    • Open Layout tab
    • Scroll down the screen, go to Footer section
    • Turn on the "footer credit" toggle.
    • Type your text in the displayed textarea
    • Click Save Changes button.
    Copyright settings
    Footer text settings.

Page Template

Newszine includes 10 page templates which you can add to your theme:

  • Homepage
    • Homepage 1
    • Homepage 2
    • Homepage 3
    • Homepage 4
  • Gallery
    • 2 Columns Gallery
    • 3 Columns Gallery
    • 4 Columns Gallery
  • Blog Page
  • Fullwidth Page
  • Contact Page

Homepage Page Template

This is how to setup homepage page template :

  • From WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Page > Add new menu.
  • Enter your page title
  • In the Page Atrribute box in right side, choose one of homepage template includes : Home Layout 1, Home Layout 2, Home Layout 3 and Home Layout 4
  • For the Home Layout 4 ,you need to install and activated woocommerce plugin.
  • Click Publish button
Setting Homepage Page Template
Setting Homepage Page Template

Setup content for homepage page template

  • From WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Theme Options menu
  • Click Homepage Settings tab
  • Choose your content settings for the homepage, like Category, Post Format, Post Column, etc.
  • Same steps for Homepage 2, 3, and 4
  • Click Save Changes button

Gallery Page Template

Gallery is page page template to show list of gallery photos from gallery post type. To setup gallery page template, first you need to provide several gallery images. To insert gallery images, follow the steps below:

  • From WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Galleries > Add New
  • Enter your title images and content
  • On "Featured Image" box choose your image to show on gallery
  • Click Publish button
  • Do same steps until you have enough images for gallery
  • Create new page with gallery page template, you can choose how many columns for the gallery image
    • 2 Columns
    • 3 Columns
    • 4 Columns
Setting Gallery Images
Setting Gallery Images

Contact Page Template

To setup contact page template follow the steps below:

  • From WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Theme Options menu
  • Click Other Settings > Contact Info tab
  • Fill the contact detail information to the fields like address, phone numbers, email etc
  • Click "Save Changes" button
  • Then create a new page with Contact Page template
Setting Contact Page Template
Setting Contact Page Template


Newszine is compatible with WooCommerce and includes full design integration as well as custom shortcodes. To get started with creating your online shop, you need to install the free WooCommerce Plugin. This documentation on using WooCommerce is the very basic information you need to get started. Please take a look at the important links below that have additional information about using WooCommerce.

Installing WooCommerce

To install Woocommerce plugin, follow the steps below:

  • From WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Plugins > Add New
  • Enter "WooCommerce" in search field and choose the first on called "WooOmmerce - excelling eCommerce" and click on "Install Now"
  • WooCommerce will install, then click the link that says "Activate Plugin"
  • Then you will see a WooCommerce Purple Notification Bar at the top of the plugin page. Click the Install WooCommerce Pages" button in the purple bar to install all the default pages
  • WooCommerce automatically creates the necessary pages. If you need to reassign the pages to different WooCommerce page designation, you can do so in the WooCommerce settings page.
Install WooCommerce Plugin
Install WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce - Create New Products

To create new product on WooCommerce, follow the steps below:

  • From WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Products > Add Product
  • Enter a name for the product at the top of page.
  • Enter the product description text into the post content field, this will be all the product information
  • The "Product Data" box is where to enter all the product details (price, SKU, shipping, and more)
  • Set your main "Featured Image" in the right sidebar Featured Image box. This has to be done for every product.
  • To use a gallery of images, insert more images in the "Product Gallery" box.
  • Enter categories in the "Product Categories" box and enter the tags in the "Product Tags" box.
  • When all your data is entered, click "Publish" and the item will now show on main shop page.
Add new Product
Add New Product

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Theme Options is freezing, I can't click other tabs. What happened?

    This issue mostly come from old javascript browser cache. Try to clean-up your browser cache and deactivate all the plugins that not come with the theme.

  2. The Theme Options is working now, but after I made some changes with the Theme Options, nothing happen, "Save Changes" button doesn't work.

    Maybe you have not fill the required field or you insert wrong data type. Make sure there are no small red alert button in right side of tabs like the image below. FAQ Theme Options

    Theme Options

  3. How to Import Theme Options settings from the theme package?

    Find the file called "newszine-theme-options.json" from the theme package and open the file using text editor. Then Copy all the content and paste it to Import Options field from Theme Options > Utility menu. Then click "Import" button. After the import proccess success, the page will automatically refreshed and your settings has saved.

  4. How to disable some part of the header like "Social Network Icons, Breaking News, Home icon etc"?

    Go Theme Options > Layout Settings menu. You'll find the toggle for several layout part of the theme. Simply turn on/off the toggle to control the layout.

  5. How to insert slider post in Home Layout 1?

    When you create new post, you'll find the Newszine Custom Settings box at the bottom. Give a check the "Show in homepage slider" checkbox. This step is also applicable for newsticker and Featured post on Home Layout 3.